Past Exhibitions

Succulents Eric Minh Swenson April 18 – 28, 2017 Eric Minh Swenson (often abbreviated to EMS) is an autodidactic multi-disciplinarian. A product of the Vietnam War, Eric is the son of Army Lt. Colonel, Lou Swenson and Vietnamese national, Trinh Thi Thu Van. The elder Swenson was a fine-art master photographer in the vein of Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, and the f.64 group. Under his father’s tutelage, Eric took award-winning photographs throughout his late-teen and college years, earning scholarships and ultimately relocating to Hollywood. Between 2004 – 2007, EMS directed three films: Match, Hollywood and Vine, and Jealous. In 2008 he launched […]

Eric Minh Swenson & Betsy Enzensberger

Shigeru Idei / Margo Taylor February 25th – April 15th Reception: Sunday, March 12th 2-6PM   Shigeru Idei – Wolf and Boy Shigeru Idei long ago mastered the art of breaking tradition by combining fundamentals of Gyotaku, Byobu, and Washi to exacerbate the disintegration of nationalism. A country that has wholeheartedly embraced foreign pop culture, Japan has been relatively slow to absorb those elements as tropes of fine art, maintaining a fragile fealty for the inherently Nihongo disciplines of ukiyo-e and even manga, but less so western depictions of pop. Idei has incorporated stylized interpretations of English and French children’s book illustrations […]

Shigeru Idei & Margo Taylor

Dancing About Architecture Panik Collective February 1st – February 16th The second was further paraphrased, though still attributed to Martin Mull, by critic Thomas McGonigle in the December 1979 issue of Arts Magazine “we have the classic situation: no limits, thus all limits, or to slightly alter the famous Martin Mull dictum, ”Writing about painting is like dancing about architecture.” The quote “Dancing About Architecture” has been attributed to Laurie Anderson, Steve Martin, Frank Zappa, Martin Mull, Elvis Costello, Thelonius Monk, Clara Schumann, Miles Davis, George Carlin and several other people along the way. The original citation to appear in […]

Panik Collective: Dancing About Architecture