Lindsey Way & Frances Bean Cobain: Ghosts for Sale

Lindsey Way & Frances Bean Cobain:

Ghosts for Sale
June 7-30, 2017

Lindsey Way was born in Dunoon, Scotland. She attended Pratt Institute, where she studied fine art and illustration. She then worked as a window display artist throughout New York City and assisted the prolific painter Ron English. Her work has been in CBGB’s 32nd Anniversary Art Show, Hung, and the traveling group show, Draw. Lindsey is also a touring musician with the band Mindless Self Indulgence.

Her 2016 exhibition, Shitty Teen, utilized actual pages from her high school journals to convey the underbelly of adolescence with a stockpile of dangerous thoughts, expressions of self-destruction, and declarations of inner-loathing–creating a visceral adaption of Lindsey’s teenage life. Ghosts for Sale is the culmination of a three year project that sees a return to fine painting as the counterpoint to the repurposed adolescence of her previous presentation. While still incorporating elements of autobiography, the work trades teen angst and secrets for metaphysical sci-fi conjurings, inspired by Magic Woman. Influences include Leonora Carrington, Moebius and Fantastic Planet.



The paintings are all unique and the giclées are signed, limited editions of 50 each.
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Frances Bean Cobain
 joins Lindsey Way to present the first exhibition of artworks bearing her name, and only her second exhibition overall, following 2010’s pseudonymous Fiddle Tim exhibition. Frances has an innate sensibility for composition and her drawings conveying a deep understanding of the psychology of color, utilizing an illusion of effortlessness that delivers a specific mood to each piece. Sold Out

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