Current Exhibition

Melting Pop

August 2nd - 31st
Betsy Enzensberger & Caesar Alzate Jr. make objects defined simultaneously as sculptures and paintings, hers from resin and his from acrylic paint layered hundreds of times. Together their work confronts the notion of the familiar.

Upcoming Exhibition

Birds of Death

September 1st-30th
(And the Ass Saw the Angel) by musician and multi-media artist Nick Cave serves as a springboard for this graphic gallery novel exhibition by Inkpot Award winner, Tom Neely. Opening reception on Sunday, September 10th.

Jewelry Studio

(in)Somnia Jewelry

By Appointment
Designer ADNOHIA creates custom silver and brass jewelry that speaks to the wearer’s sense of nostalgia. Gallery 30 South maintains a revolving collection curated to complement our exhibitions. Contact the gallery for a consultation. 


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