Lindsey Way & Frances Bean Cobain: Ghosts for Sale June 7-30, 2017 Lindsey Way was born in Dunoon, Scotland. She attended Pratt Institute, where she studied fine art and illustration. She then worked as a window display artist throughout New York City and assisted the prolific painter Ron English. Her work has been in CBGB’s 32nd Anniversary Art Show, Hung, and the traveling group show, Draw. Lindsey is also a touring musician with the band Mindless Self Indulgence. Her 2016 exhibition, Shitty Teen, utilized actual pages from her high school journals to convey the underbelly of adolescence with a stockpile of dangerous thoughts, expressions of self-destruction, and declarations […]

Lindsey Way & Frances Bean Cobain: Ghosts for Sale

Shaun Berke: Mythos & Logos July 1-30, 2017   Artist Reception: Sunday, July 9th 3-6PM An exhibition of thought and memory. These paintings might seem out of place in time but that very quality is the entry point to better understand just how fleeting time really is. How we see time is bound up with how we see ourselves. We are nested in the present, always becoming. We are a moment, an everliving fire. We are ephemeral and so is painting. More important than when we take place is the fact that we do at all. In so short a […]

Shaun Berke: Mythos & Logos

Caesar Alzate Jr: Objectivism (Red) August 2-31, 2017 Artist Reception: Sunday, August 6th 3-6PM Caesar Alzate Jr. makes Objects which are defined simultaneously as painting and sculpture, made from acrylic paint layered hundreds (if not thousands) of times with a heat process that is essential to his process but also embodies the notion of identity as that of ‘the other’ and ‘the fear of the other’ in a body of work that metaphorically attacks discrimination by categorically justifying difference. The latest series is rendered completely in red, reflecting frustration and anger over anti-immigrant policies at constant risk of passing into law, but […]

Caesar Alzate Jr.: Objectivism (Red)